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In the world of automotive extravagance, there's a duo rewriting the rules of luxury: Olga Azaroff and Sasha Socko. With Sasha's passion for cars and Olga's mastery of crystal artistry, they joined forces to create something truly spectacular. Their brainchild, Crystal Motors Project, emerged from a shared vision to transform vehicles into dazzling works of art. Starting with a car fully encrusted in original crystals, they captured attention and demand skyrocketed.

Now, they offer their expertise to customers worldwide, turning dreams of crystal customization into reality for cars, bikes, scooters and more. With Sasha's expertise behind the wheel and Olga's artistic flair, every project is a masterpiece in motion, reflecting the fusion of passion and craftsmanship that defines Crystal Motors Project.

Our Mission

Our mission at Crystal Motors is to bring unparalleled luxury and glamour to the world of automotive design. We believe that every vehicle is a canvas waiting to be transformed into a breathtaking masterpiece. Our goal is to exceed expectations, turning heads and inspiring awe with every customized creation. Whether it's a sleek sports car or a rugged SUV, we strive to ensure that our crystal-covered vehicles not only shine on the outside but also reflect the unique personality and style of their owners. At Crystals Motors, we're not just customizing cars – we're crafting dreams into reality, one sparkling crystal at a time.

Hand Embellished

At Crystals Motors, we take pride in our meticulous craftsmanship. Each crystal is meticulously placed on the car, one by one, ensuring precision and perfection. Achieving full coverage for one car demands dedication, with our skilled artisans investing approximately 300 labor hours to ensure every inch sparkles with brilliance. Check full process at our tiktok account


At Crystal Motors, we prioritize both quality and protection in our crystal customization process. We begin by wrapping the car with vinyl, meticulously ensuring that it safeguards the underlying paintwork. This vinyl serves as a protective layer, shielding the car's exterior while providing a smooth surface for crystal application. Our commitment to excellence extends to the crystals themselves, as we exclusively utilize high-quality glass crystals. These crystals are carefully selected for their durability and brilliance, ensuring a stunning and enduring finish that enhances the beauty of every vehicle. With our meticulous attention to detail and premium materials, we guarantee a flawless and long-lasting result that exceeds expectations.
Crystals Motors

Our Team

At Crystal Motors, our team comprises highly skilled crystal artists who are masters in their craft. With years of experience and expertise, each member is adept at applying crystals with precision and finesse. Our professional team takes pride in their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every crystal is placed flawlessly to achieve the desired effect. From intricate designs to full coverage applications, our artisans bring creativity and skill to every project, transforming vehicles into stunning works of art. With their passion for perfection and dedication to excellence, our team ensures that each crystal-adorned vehicle surpasses expectations, leaving a lasting impression of luxury and glamour.

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For Business

Transform your car into a sparkling masterpiece with Crystals Motors. Whether for private indulgence, rental business ventures, or collaboration with marketing teams and bloggers, our crystal customization service offers endless possibilities. Elevate your vehicle to a new level of luxury and style, turning heads and capturing attention wherever you go. With Crystal Motors, your car becomes not just a mode of transportation, but a statement of sophistication and glamour, ready to shine in any setting.

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